Masala Specialist Hospital

Masala Specialist Hospital is a private hospital founded in 2017 in Hargeisa, Somaliland. One of its founders is Mohamud Artan who has specialized in orthopedics in University of Helsinki. The hospital is funded from private sources using know-how from Finland, that is now put in use in Somalia to overcome deficiencies of local health care system.

NordicSom cooperates with Masala Specialist Hospital in order to let Somali communities know that there can be different possibilities in their home country to get to use skills learned in Finland and other Nordic countries. Diverging from traditional development aid this kind of interaction between countries represents private sector dealings based on needs perceived by locals.

We believe that public sector can complement private sector interaction by taking role in making development of trade relations possible. Developing relations between countries in a form of partnership can strengthen trust in local Somali actors, and thus in turn, Somali community in Finland can see opportunities to contribute to using their skills in reconstruction of Somalia.

Ability to create something new, concretising through possibilities at grassroot level, can have sustainable impacts in a local context.

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