NordicSom cooperates with Svenska nu.

Chairman Ahmed Hassan represents NordicSom in bringing forward new perspectives to meaning of bilingualism in Finland. Here is our partner’s brief description considering our cooperation:

Nätverket Svenska nu motivates and inspires young Finnish to use Swedish. We offer lively encounters with Sweden and Swedish in school world and spotlight role and meaning of cultural experiences in learning languages and pedagogy. Svenska nu wants to forward multilingualism and reception of bilingualism as well as deal with questions related to the meaning of language skills in society.

One of Svenska nu lecturers is entrepreneur Ahmed Hassan. He lectures about his own time in a Swedish school and his struggles in learning the language. He tells about fun incidences in his life and highlights that one must trust in oneself and take advantage of opportunities provided by Finnish society. We are all Finnish and Nordic, and it is beneficial also for people with immigrant background to learn Swedish. Read more:

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